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Reasons Why I Love You Book

Reasons Why I Love You Book Love Book Option 1

Make Love Book 1

The Story Of Us - Why I Love You Book

The Story Of Us - Why I Love You Book Love Book Option 2

Make Love Book 2

Personalized Why I Love You Book

Personalized Why I Love You Book Love Book Option 3

Make Love Book Option 3

Story Of Us Book - Why I Love You

Story Of Us Book - Why I Love You Love Book Option 4

Make Love Book Option 4

Personalized Books for Kids

Personalized Books for Kids Children's Book

Make Children's Book

All Of Me Loves You

All Of Me Loves You Teen / Young Adult Book

Make Teen+ Book

Custom Best Friend Gifts

Custom Best Friend Gifts Best Friends Book

Make Best Friends Book

Personalized Book For Best Friend

Personalized Book For Best Friend Best Friend Book

Make Best Friend Book

Personalized Book For Dad From Kids

Personalized Book For Dad From Kids Daddy Book

Make Daddy Book

Gifts for Mom From Kids

Gifts for Mom From Kids Mommy Book

Make Mommy Book

Personalized Gift for Grandma

Personalized Gift for Grandma Grandma Book

Make Grandma Book

Custom Book For Mom

Custom Book For Mom Mother Book

Make Mother Book

Personalized Book For Grandma

Personalized Book For Grandma Grandma Book

Make Grandma Book

Personalized Book For Mom

Personalized Book For Mom Mom Book

Make Mom Book

Personalized Gift for Father

Personalized Gift for Father Father Book

Make Father Book

Personalized Book For Dad

Personalized Book For Dad Dad Book

Make Dad Book

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents

Anniversary Gift Ideas for Parents Parents Book

Make Parents Book

Gifts for Grandpa

Gifts for Grandpa Grandpa Book

Make Grandpa Book

Personalized Book For Grandpa

Personalized Book For Grandpa Grandpa Book

Make Grandpa Book

Dog Memorial Ideas

Dog Memorial Ideas Dog Memorial Book

Make Dog Memorial Book

Cat Memorial Ideas

Cat Memorial Ideas Cat Memorial Book

Make Cat Memorial Book

Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Teacher Appreciation Gifts Thank You Teacher

Make Teacher Appreciation Gifts

Graduation Gift

Graduation Gift Graduation Book

Make Graduation Book

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We’ve reinvented the book making process to make it faster and easier for you to create a meaningful and truly personalized love book

  1. Fast And Easy Just Fill In The Blanks

    We take care of the hard creative work. Write from the heart, add your photos and voila, the best love book.

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  2. All Included No Extra Fees To Pay

    Everything you need is included in your custom book, we don’t charge extra for pages, stickers or add-ons.

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    We use state-of-the-art printers and the best quality materials so your custom love book is perfect.

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everyone has a story




See More
Super easy! I have used other picture book sites before but I really loved how simple Luhvee Book's made it! - Nicole The Soltrop Six
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What I loved most was the fill in the blank part. It made it SO easy to create the perfect gift. - Tovah Mrs. New Mom MTL
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To say my mom was excited to receive this sweet book from the girls would be an understatement! - Chelsee The House Of Hood Blog
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We thought that daddy needed a special gift to know how much we love him! Luhvee is much more than just a picture book! It's a love book! - Lauryn YouTube Vlog
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It’s a piece of my love that mom can look at anytime she wants - Tiffany @tiffany3366
See More
The end product truly blew me away. They are high-quality, beautiful, and worthy of sitting on a shelf in your family’s home to be enjoyed for years to come - Kaity With Kids And Coffee
See More
The quality in THIS book is amazing & I found the process very easy and stress free. - Megan megan maureen co.
See More
The prompted fill in the blank option helped save me hours on creating a book from scratch. - Heaven A Day In Grace
See More
I gave this to Josh as part of our 6 year anniversary gift and I have to say, it is likely the most thoughtful gift I have ever given him. - Lynette Lynette's Mommyhood
See More
When I gave it to my boyfriend, he was smiling the whole time he was reading it, he loved it. - Natalia Waliszek YouTube Vlog
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Our Luhvee Book turned out so beautiful and I’m blown away by the photo quality. - Mallorie Owens Blog
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Overall, the process was so easy and FUN! They have thought of everything you need to inspire and help create something that is truly memorable! - Jennifer Grace+Ford Blog
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What I love about my book is how unique the designs are...I love the product so much! - FireFly YouTube Vlog
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The excitement in his eyes and his smile to see his own pictures in a book and the familiar stories I wrote.. priceless - Humara HUM JK
See More
I swear, I started to get teary eyed creating this book. The sentences that Luhvee starts made me reminisce about our most special memories together! - Danielle This Mama's Home
See More
My Mom cried 5 pages in and it made me so happy to see how much she loved the book! - Kelly Kelly Reeve Photography
See More
I loved that Luhvee did all the hard work for me! The photos printed clear and bright and the art work throughout the book is adorable. - Natalie Nat Your Average Girl
See More
The fill-in-the-blank text portions make writing out special memories really simple. - Bree Go Get Your Happy On
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I am more than slightly obsessed with my Luhvee Book. I am very happy with the quality, delivery time, and creation time of this book. - Alana S&S
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I'm in love! these easy fill-in-the-blank books are perfect for my busy lifestyle because they're so simple to create and take almost no time at all. - Tess One Small Act
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What I didn’t anticipate is how cool the kids would think the books were - Blakely Media By BG
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The book was very quick and easy to make and I am incredibly impressed with the quality - Crystal The Creative Copy Cat
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I am so happy to be able to read this to her and speak words of life over her at young age, I know this book will only become more special as she gets older! - Stephanie @honestlymommy
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Out of all Adeline’s books this one is our favorite - Abbey @adelinemarieandme
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My grandma loved her Luhvee Book! Between watching her laughter and happy tears, I was very satisfied with my decision to make her a book. - Brooke @brookesaundercook
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I can’t even begin to describe how much fun I had filling in the blanks and selecting the pictures - Kassi Miles+Ellie
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It was such a fun experience to make and will be a treasured keepsake. Highly recommend! - August Personalized Dog Memory Book
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Luhvee allowed me to connect to Henry’s Instagram and upload my favourite photos with a simple click. I completed the book in 20 mins, and I am 100% satisfied with the result! - Henry The Third @henrythethirddd
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I was in tears after hitting the “submit” button on my order. The final product—a gorgeous book made just for our boy—is something I’ll always treasure - Andrea William & Mama
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This is Ryan’s first Father’s Day! I wanted to make sure the gift I gave him was extremely personal and came from the heart. - Brittany The Mommy Nichols
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She absolutely loved it! As our third child, we loved that we found a way to document her special memories up until now since we haven’t had time to update her baby book! - Sonya House Of Kerrs
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Corrie surprised myself and the babies with a Luhvee book..It is honestly beautiful! - Dan & Corrie The Baby Gang
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The prompts make it much easier to come up with reasons and word them seamlessly without having to stress yourself out. - Krystle Barnes Queen Barnes
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This is the most romantic gift I have ever gotten from someone, I just love it so much. - Merrit Daily YouTube Vlog
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This was the best online book making process I have ever used! It does 90% of the work for you, just finish the sentence and add a photo and boom it’s done. I can’t wait to make more projects with Luhvee! - Jessica Kirk @jesskirk._
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By the time we were done putting it together online, I knew we had made something really special. - Lisa Lipstain & Legos
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I am so glad I made this Luhvee book for my dad! When he opened the book he immediately cried and had a huge smile on his face - Taryn taryncicc
See More
Luhvee has the best customer service I’ve seen, with incredibly fast response times. - Carley Mama Bear Napier Blog
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My favourite chapter was the final one, entitled: Things to Always Remember and more specially the line "You've taught us.... " to which I filled in "how to be Parents". Oh the tears.... - Carrie The Oakville Parent
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I appreciated the ability to customize without having to create the entire book from scratch. I don’t think I would have finished it if I designed and wrote it on my own. - Lisa In Wild Hearts
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We couldn't be happier with how this book turned out! It's so different from traditional photo books, since we got to customize the wordage. This book is so special to us! - Jenna @heyitsjenna
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I knew it would be the PERFECT gift! I wanted to show him how much we love & appreciate him even when he's working away. - Jayanie @jaysoroka
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I was completely surprised by the Luhvee book and I absolutely adore it! Andrew is a great gift giver...but this present meant more to me because it was not something that he could have bought at Target. - Andrew & Melanie The Hey Dude Dad
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Luhvee books take things WAY beyond a traditional picture book. On top of including your favourite pictures, you also get to create your very own, totally unique story. - Jayme Momming Made Easy
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To say my mom was excited to receive this sweet book from the girls would be an understatement! - Chelsee The House Of Hood Blog
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Once I became a Mom, a new respect and bond was created with my own mother. I finally got it!! And I’m so glad I found a wonderful way to demonstrate that to her. - Tiffany tiffany3366
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Putting the book together is EASY! Upload your photos and fill in the blanks! I admit I even shed a few tears looking back on all the photos of Hampton as a teeny, tiny newborn. - Brittany The Mommy Nichols


Luhvee makes it easy to share your own story. Simply choose a beautiful custom book template, fill in the blanks and add your own photos. With easy-to-complete prompts, you’ll be inspired to write the perfect love book for anyone that is special to you. To get started, select one of our personalized books. We have unique templates for custom books for kids, parents, pets, friends and more. Learn more about how to make these Personalized Gifts.


Give a personalized gift that says I love you, you’re special to me and thank you. For that someone special in your life, share your favorite memories and photos in a custom love story book. Create custom books for kids, teens and adults, or give a custom book for any special day or holiday. Luhvee has the perfect love book for any occasion. Explore our best love books by someone special or occasion. Explore Our Templates.


Your memories and photos will be cherished in this exceptional keepsake. Every personalized love book is printed in USA with the highest quality paper and materials, and there are no extra costs for more pages or special add-ons. Our customer service team is dedicated to helping you at any point during the creation or shipment of your custom love book. Read About Our Story.