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I appreciated the ability to customize without having to create the entire book from scratch. I don’t think I would have finished it if I designed and wrote it on my own. - Lisa In Wild Hearts
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We couldn't be happier with how this book turned out! It's so different from traditional photo books, since we got to customize the wordage. This book is so special to us! - Jenna @heyitsjenna
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I knew it would be the PERFECT gift! I wanted to show him how much we love & appreciate him even when he's working away. - Jayanie @jaysoroka
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I was completely surprised by the Luhvee book and I absolutely adore it! Andrew is a great gift giver...but this present meant more to me because it was not something that he could have bought at Target. - Andrew & Melanie The Hey Dude Dad
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Luhvee books take things WAY beyond a traditional picture book. On top of including your favourite pictures, you also get to create your very own, totally unique story. - Jayme Momming Made Easy
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To say my mom was excited to receive this sweet book from the girls would be an understatement! - Chelsee The House Of Hood Blog
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Once I became a Mom, a new respect and bond was created with my own mother. I finally got it!! And I’m so glad I found a wonderful way to demonstrate that to her. - Tiffany tiffany3366
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Putting the book together is EASY! Upload your photos and fill in the blanks! I admit I even shed a few tears looking back on all the photos of Hampton as a teeny, tiny newborn. - Brittany The Mommy Nichols

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