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Super easy! I have used other picture book sites before but I really loved how simple Luhvee Book's made it! - Nicole The Soltrop Six
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What I loved most was the fill in the blank part. It made it SO easy to create the perfect gift. - Tovah Mrs. New Mom MTL
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To say my mom was excited to receive this sweet book from the girls would be an understatement! - Chelsee The House Of Hood Blog
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We thought that daddy needed a special gift to know how much we love him! Luhvee is much more than just a picture book! It's a love book! - Lauryn YouTube Vlog
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It’s a piece of my love that mom can look at anytime she wants - Tiffany @tiffany3366
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The end product truly blew me away. They are high-quality, beautiful, and worthy of sitting on a shelf in your family’s home to be enjoyed for years to come - Kaity With Kids And Coffee
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The quality in THIS book is amazing & I found the process very easy and stress free. - Megan megan maureen co.
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The prompted fill in the blank option helped save me hours on creating a book from scratch. - Heaven A Day In Grace
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I gave this to Josh as part of our 6 year anniversary gift and I have to say, it is likely the most thoughtful gift I have ever given him. - Lynette Lynette's Mommyhood

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