10 Ways Starting A Business Is Like Having A Baby

No one can really prepare for motherhood or starting a business.

Even with the best laid plans, the reality of mommy life is that it’s A LOT of hard work. I think all moms would agree it is truly the toughest and most rewarding job at the same time.

Somewhere in the ‘motherhood eye of the storm’ we struggle to find ourselves. In my experience it was a process of living through the storm, surrendering to the reality that my life was not mine, but knowing in my heart that this too would pass. AND it did…kinda!

My girls are now 9 and 6, although we face many new fun challenges in our day to day, we have moved beyond the baby stages that bring some of the toughest years of motherhood.

Being out of the baby stage I felt I could begin to rebuild the semblance of my identity. I had been thinking of starting a business for sometime, to get back to my passions. Luhvee Books was an idea I had been wanting to pursue but in that storm it just wasn’t the right time.

Everything can be done… in the right time

And so my time came, and Luhvee was born…and I use this term literally!

Starting a business IS like having a babyStarting a businessPIN IT!


Starting a business is a whirlwind of crazy. As I recently vented this to my husband I realized this crazy seemed oddly familiar. “I have done this before”, the light bulb went off! “I’ve just birthed my third child”…it just didn’t come wrapped in a blanket and with a case of hemorrhoids.

So if you’re thinking of starting a business, let’s review all the ways your business will be like having a baby:

  1. Lack Of Sleep

    Every new mom knows this all too well, and so does every entrepreneur. A never ending to-do list means working late nights and early mornings. But like motherhood, you know there will come a day when you can sleep again…Right?!

  2. Coffee Is A Necessity

    No longer a casual indulgence, caffeine is a necessity to make it through the day. 

  3. Needs Your Constant Attention

    Just like motherhood, there are no days off! Even if you’re away you’re still thinking about it and wondering if everything is alright. Your attention is always needed to solve challenges, build morale and keep your baby alive.

  4. Everyone’s Got An Opinion

    Remember all the advice you got when you were pregnant that didn’t end after pregnancy? Well lucky for entrepreneurs we deal with the same.  Whether it’s an investor, a friend, co-worker, social media expert, everyone has a point of view. Just like with your children, learning to trust your instincts and go with your gut becomes vital to your business.

  5. Dealing With A Lot Of Poop

    S**t is always hitting the fan, whether it’s a technical problem, a personnel issue, an unhappy customer you name it…poop is always happening and as an entrepreneur, like a mom, it’s a dirty job…but someone has to deal with it.

  6. It’s Expensive

    Think about all the expenses you have as a mom of a new baby – diapers, baby clothes, swings, strollers, toys, the list goes on and on, and having your own business is no different. Even if you have external funding there is always a personal investment…sacrifices to make when chasing your dream. I currently need a couch, but when I think about how I can invest those couch dollars into marketing initiatives the living room suddenly suits a minimalistic look.

  7. You Need To Be A Jack Of All Trades

    A mother is not just a mother; she’s a doctor, chef, cleaner, entertainer, teacher, taxi driver, judge, party planner, travel agent, therapist, motivational coach, accountant and knower of whereabouts of all lost and misplaced things.  As an entrepreneur, especially in the startup phase, you wear so many hats and need to roll up your sleeves and get dirty with whatever needs to get done.

  8. It’s An Emotional Rollercoaster

When you have a baby your emotions run so high, it feels like you are riding an emotional rollercoaster from hell. The lack of sleep, daily grind, absence of acknowledgment wreak emotional havoc. Well, no diff when it comes to entrepreneurship, constantly met with the odds and reminded of the failures of your predecessors. You work long hours to realize you need to completely restrategize your direction. Met with unforeseen set backs, and tones of rejection, you cry! Sometimes a lot and you do it all anyway, because you love your baby, you know the potential it has and you see a bright future ahead.

9. Business Baby Weight

This is a fun perk…(enter sarcastic look here). I gained 65lbs with my first pregnancy -I was HUGE, I thought it would never come off! The long exhausting days, snacking because I didn’t have time to eat proper meals, comfort foods when I did eat to easy the stress, and no time to workout. Well who knew I would get to relive all that fun stuff. But yes, having your own business means being on the go all the time, which then means eating odd food at odd times. Sugary snacks keep the buzz going and there’s no time to hit the gym, because that is time you need to be working on your baby. Be weary of a skinny startup entrepreneur. Although, notice how fit successful entrepreneurs are -#goals!

10. The Milestones Feel So Good

The first time my daughter laughed it was truly the most joyous sound I ever heard. When she took her first step I felt so filled with pride I could burst. When she said ‘Mama’ I cried. The joy we feel as mothers when we watch our children reach their milestones is so incredible. The milestone moments are what make everything worth while. They wash away every compliant, erase every pain and fill our hearts with unbounded joy. When we filled our first Luhvee Books order my heart leapt, when people said they loved what we do I felt so proud. The dedication you put into your business, like with your children, makes the successes and milestones feel so sweet.

There you have it! 10 reasons why starting a business is like having a baby.

Do you have another way a business is like having a baby, we would love to hear it…leave your reason in the comments below.