The Pawfect Dog Dad Father’s Day Gift Box

Father’s Day is coming up, and we want to make sure our awesome dog dad’s get some love too!

Like all awesome dads, we think dog dads deserve something cool and creative, something they’ll be happy to receive. After scouring the Web and Pinterest for ideas, nothing really stood out. So, we took on the challenge to create it ourselves!

Introducing…Drum roll please…


This gift idea can be repurposed for ANY animal dad – Cat Dad, Bird Dad, Fish Dad – why not? And, one that you can add your own personalized touches to. The idea here is to create a unique combination of items that mean something special to their human-animal relationship.

For our pawfect dog dad gift box, we picked a few of dads favorite things; some things that dad could use and others just because they were funny. Get creative!!!

Our gift includes the following: tennis balls, craft beer, chips, poo bags, a lint roller, peanuts, socks, and of course a fun box for doggie and daddy.

We’re story tellers, so to make this gift box more meaningful and fun, we created a special tag (~Free Downloadable Stencil ~) with a cute message about the significance of each item included. So, our gift box tells a personal story! For example, we added socks to the box, because our dog dad needs socks, and the reason is because our dog son loves to eat dad’s socks!

Here’s an example:

Socks, I’ve eaten so many of these” ….ba-dum ching

  Again, get creative…tell your own story, make it fun!

Here’s how to make our pawfect dog dad gift box:


Items You’ll Need:

  • A medium sized box or container (Any style that suits your fancy!)
  • Cardstock
  • Scissors
  • Black Sharpie fine point marker
  • Hole Punch
  • Jute String again from Michaels
  • Crinkle paper for filler from Michaels
    • May require some old newspaper to help with bottom filler depending on the size of your box
  • Pawfect Card Free Download

Gifts and Cute Notes For This Box:

  • Craft Beer, Chips
    • Message used: “Treats, because you’re such a good boy!”
  • Tennis Balls
    • Message used: “We always have a ball together”
  • Lint Roller
    • Message used: “Glad to be stuck with you”
  • Poo Bags
    • Message used: “For putting up with my crap”
  • Socks
    • Message used: “Socks, I’ve eaten so many of these”
  • Peanuts
    • Message used: “Sorry for driving you nuts”

Putting It Together!

#1: Gather all materials needed.

 #2: Using dog bone template below, cut out dog bones (Cardstock paper recommended).

#3: Using a sharpie, write your personalized messages on each dog bone tag.

 #4: Hole punch corner of the tags, weave string through hole (long enough to wrap around the chosen item)

#5: Wrap your item!

#6: Organize the items in your box, use the filler to prop your gifts and help with arrangement!

Pawfect dog dad gift box

#7: Address your gift to your dog dad using our template, or make your own!




Dog Dad Gift



(Right click on the image to download & print!)