All Of Me Loves All Of You-Personalized Gift Book

We wanted to create a one-of-a-kind personalized gift book that was specifically designed for older children. Given the savviness of young people today, their discerning tastes and eye for all things cool we knew our book had to be exceptionally designed. The ‘All Of Me Loves All Of You’ love book achieves all the above and more. If you are looking for a truly meaningful keepsake gift for a special young person, this is a book for you to consider making.

This Luhvee book is crafted from a young persons design perspective, with the wisdom of life experience. We want your young person to be just as excited about receiving this gift, as you are about giving it. For this reason, we chose a sophisticated color pallet to capture attention. We used trendy geometric designs, and cool icons they will love. Here is a look at the mood board that inspired the design: Modern, Geometric, Savvy.

Mood Board

Personalized Love Book


In addition to a beautiful design, we created the framework to help you tell a meaningful story.

Here is an outline of the four chapters you will find in this love book:

Chapter 1- When You Came Into My Life – Share memories of when they came into your life. Capture all your firsts.

Chapter 2- You + Me =Love – Tell them why your life is better with them in it. Share all the things you love doing together.

Chapter 3- You Are Perfect Just The Way You Are – List their best qualities. Tell them all the ways they are special and unique.

Chapter 4- Things To Always Remember -Leave a legacy. Share your wishes and dreams for their future.


Making a Luhvee Book is easy! We help you tell your story by creating a structured framework, this includes themed chapters (as outlined above) to organize your story and thoughtful sentence starters to help you to write your story. Here is a peak at the Luhvee tool.

Very user friendly. Add your own pictures and finish the sentence. COOL FEATURE: if you don’t like the sentence starter, you can write your own!

Luhvee Personalized Book Tool

We print Luhvee books using state of the art digital printing and the highest-quality paper. The books come in both hard and soft covers. We only use local North American printers, it makes us feel good to know we support local communities.

Here is a peak at a completed book:


Personalized Kids Books


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